How to Create Consistent Growth Through Automation Without Becoming an Infusionsoft Expert

How to Create Consistent Growth Through Automation Without Becoming an Infusionsoft Expert

Thursday, June 22nd
10am Pacific
1pm Eastern

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"I'm loving your simple presentation and your skill in breaking down complex processes into simple, discrete steps that we can use to make big changes in our business right now.”
Dan H.

Taylor McArthur

Hi! I’m Taylor McArthur. Google my name and you’ll find a talented Canadian track and field star. That’s not me (dude blows up my google news alerts though). Scroll down a bit and and you’ll see that I’m an Arizona native, married to a beautiful and talented woman, and father to the cutest little dude you’ve ever seen.

My path to Sixth has been a windy one and made pit stops at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, a couple US Senate and Congressional offices, the AZ Senate campaign trail, and the high-rise construction industry.

I’ve always been concerned with the “Why” behind whatever I do and here at SixthDivision we never forget that we’re here to help entrepreneurs build better businesses so they can enjoy life as they see fit. Pretty cool, right?


Have you ever you ever not known how to do something in Infusionsoft, or had an idea that you wanted to implement, but weren't exactly sure how to do it?

You foolishly think to yourself, “I can make that work”. But, every time you can start to see the finish line, to feel the peace of mind that comes with having automation actually working in your business, you realize you’re missing another piece.   

It’s frustrating, right?

If you have ever felt the frustration of seeing what is possible with automation in your business, but finding it to be just out of reach over and over again, then you need to be on this training.

On this webinar, we'll show you:

  • 3 secrets to creating consistent growth through automation 

  • 5 areas of your business that you need to automate first

  • How to do it all without getting stuck in the technology overwhelm.

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