Journey Mapping By SixthDivision 


This Program Is For Those Entrepreneurs Who Use Marketing Automation Tools And Want To Organize All The Ideas And Strategies So They Can Implement Them And Get More Clients, Make 'em Happier, And Make Your Life Easier.

Jake Talbert
Managing Partner at SixthDivision
Gilbert, Arizona
Fellow Entrepreneur,

Your customers and prospects are currently having an experience. The question is whether or not you're the architect of their experience.


Every lead that opts in for your lead magnets is having an experience. Every prospect that requests to have a consultation with you is having an experience, and every client who buys is having an experience.

And I believe that your (and my) ability to create a business that consistently and systematically architects amazing experiences will ultimately determine how successful our businesses can become.

After all, isn't that the very reason you were attracted to using Marketing Automation in the first place?

Because it was going to give you the power and ability to be the architect of your prospect and customer experiences so that you could make more money, with less effort, and generally speaking have greater peace of mind about where you're business is going?

You and I both know that Marketing Automation tools have the power to be business changing and life changing. I've seen it happen first hand over and over and over again with all types of businesses and all types of entrepreneurs.

So my question for you is, How's that working out for you?

Most of the time when I talk with entrepreneurs that are using Infusionsoft, I hear comments like these (you may recognize some of them):
  • I'm only using 10% of what my Marketing Automation tool can do
  • I have a few automations running, but I'm not confident that I've done them right
  • I wish I had more confidence in my ability to quickly create and launch new campaigns
  • ​I have a pretty good idea of what I want my Marketing Automation tool to do in my business, but I'm having a hard time getting it implemented
  • ​I'm not even sure where to start
  • ​I make monthly donations to these tools, but I'm not actually using it
Do any of those sound familiar? Are you still struggling to unlock your Marketing Automation in your business? Is your team still scrambling to take your vision and strategy and convert it into to something that actually sees the light of day? And even after all the scrambling and struggling, are you still not satisfied with the end result?

More importantly, aren't you tired of that? Tired enough to make a change?

What if I told you there was a proven, step-by-step system for unlocking what your Marketing Automation tool could be doing in your business? What if I told you this system could show you exactly what it looks like to use Marketing Automation tools 100% in your business? What if I told you this system could could help you and/or your team to launch automations in hours instead of weeks?

And, what if I told you that even while you were implementing at lightning speed with lightning precision, your business and your Marketing Automation Tool would be cleaner than you've ever had it? And you would have more insights and visibility into your business than ever before?

This proven system has a name.

It's called Journey Mapping which is part of our Client Journey Academy.

For a limited time you can get access and save 75% off actual cost!

Here's what you're getting:


First Module: Six Laws Of Small Business Success™ 

(A $1000 Value!)

Have you ever struggled to implement anything in your business? 

Here's the deal: unleashing the power of Marketing Automation in your business doesn't have to be a struggle, but there are some key rules you should follow. 

This module breaks down the six rules for massive, rapid, and frustration-free implementation.

Sign Up Today And Start Making Sense Of Your Marketing Automation Tools 


Second Module: The Client Journey Gameplan™

(A $1,000 Value!)

It's impossible to use 100% of Marketing Automation without first knowing what it means to use 100% of a Marketing Automation tool.

Most Marketing Automation users complain about using 10% of the software, but don't even know what it looks like to use more. 

This module breaks down what it looks like to use 100% of your Marketing Automation tools in your business.

Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity


Third Module: The Executable Blueprint™

(A $1,000 Value!)

Do you find yourself crossing your fingers when you publish a campaign or automation, or are you sure your campaigns and automations are doing exactly what you want them to? 

This module shows you how to make sure your campaigns are running smoothly, and how to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation.

Start Implementing Better Experiences In Your Marketing Automation Tools 


Fourth Module: Conversion Checklists™

(A $2000 Value!)

The Conversion Checklist Online Training is the answer to "What should I be doing in my Client Journey to deliver amazing experiences that actually move leads, prospects, and clients smoothly thought to their next desired step?"

Learn what you should be doing to convert Attention into Leads, Leads into Prospects, and Prospects into Raving Happy Clients. 

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Fifth A Bonus: 30 Days Access to The Lab Membership™

(A $500 Value!)

The Lab is our one-of-a kind group membership to help you plan, design, and implement your Automatic Client Journey™.

The Lab will give you Access to our weekly live group “Lab Sessions” to share your wins and get help on your projects from our CEO Brad and GM Jake, a Kick-Off Strategy Call with one of our coaches, an All Access Pass to The Client Journey Academy, plus Access to The Experience Formulas.

Perfect for entrepreneurs who want clarity on exactly what you should be doing in your business, organization so you (or your team) can implement more of your ideas faster and with greater accuracy, and visibility so you know what’s working and what’s not so you can make better decisions.

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The Total Value of this Package is Over $5,500

Look! We don't want to charge people $5,500 for all of this because our goal is to get access to this to as many Entrepreneur Businesses as possible so they can benefit from it.

Normally we charge $1,997 for all the value listed above. But we wanted to run a promotional offer to help as many of you as we can.

So what we decided to do is give everything mentioned above for the insane price of $997. 

This allows us to deliver all this value and give you the bonus access to The Lab Membership for 30 days.

Frankly, at this price we're barely turning a profit. 

I realize we seem crazy for putting in all this hard work for little to no return to us, but we're passionate about getting this into the hands of as many Entrepreneur Businesses as possible.


While $997 per month is the promotional price we're going to offer in the future, we've decided to do something even crazier for Small Business and Entrepreneur Businesses

And thats...

Give you ALL of this today for just $497.

You will get complete access to everything mentioned above for only $497. 

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That's including the all the modules listed above...

PLUS 30 day FREE access to our Lab Membership!

We're confident you are going to LOVE all of this!

Access Journey Mapping Today

Here's what you'll get

We’ll show you how to organize your Marketing Automation Tool so you can make sense of your campaigns and Automations
We’ll show you how to organize your Marketing Automation Tool so you can make sense of your campaigns and Automations
We’ll show you proven strategies that get you results in the shortest amount of time
We’ll show you the same proven step-by-step process for implementing in Marketing Automation that we use for all our clients

Don't take our word for it

“We skipped the learning curve. Our business is much more organized, and we have ongoing help to grow our business.”

“After working with SixthDivision, we can now look at a singular dashboard across multiple campaigns…it’s worth 10x the investment in the time you’ll save alone.”

“After SixthDivision, everything is in order and we have a system. We feel better than ever about scaling our business with Infusionsoft.“

“SixthDivision made Infusionsoft easy. We learned a method for putting our campaigns together. Well worth the money.”

“I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been by not working with SixthDivision sooner. I wasted a quarter million dollars in delaying working with SixthDivision.“

“SixthDivision is really moving the needle for the JJ Virgin brand, and I highly recommend SixthDivision.”



  • The Journey Mapping - Online Academy
  • ​Online Module: The Six Laws Of Small Business Success ($1,000 Value)
  • ​Online Module: The Client Journey Gameplan ($1,000 Value)
  • Online Module: The Executeable Blueprint ($1,000 Value)
  • ​The SixthDivision Conversion Checklist Online Training ($2,000 Value)
  • ​30 Day Access to  The Lab Membership  ($500 Value)
  • Organization so you (or your team) can implement more of your ideas faster and with greater accuracy (Priceless)
  • Visibility so you know what’s working and what’s not so you can make better decisions (Priceless)
  • ​An amazing client journey that makes it easier for you to get more clients and make ’em happier (Priceless)


You Pay: Just $497 Today

This offer won't last long...


This offer may expire...

We're making all this available to you for just $497 because we want to get it into as many Entrepreneur Businesses hands as we can. However, the retail price is $997 and as soon as the deadline passes we won't be offering this for $497 any longer and the price will increase.

This pricing won't be available for long...


Let's see if The Academy is right for you

The Academy isn't for everybody. Here's how you can make sure The Academy is a right fit for you and your business:


  • I'm a do-it-yourselfer
  • ​I want to be able to organize all my processes in a systematic way
  • ​I want to get my ideas and strategies actually implemented
  • ​I want to be shown a process for implementing in Marketing Automation tools that's repeatable
  • I need to learn how to implement quickly and efficiently
  • ​I want a system for implementing that I can pass on to my team


  • I want someone to implement my ideas into my Marketing Automations for me
  • I don't have the time to invest in learning a process for implementing
  • I'm not willing to do the work
  • I want one-on-one help
  • ​I want community/group feedback


3 Month Agreement

Monthly Fee Starting Today. Program becomes month-to-month after the initial 2 month agreement.
Looking for one-on-one strategy and implementation?